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by Without Fate

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released September 6, 2016

Lead vocals: Vince Mercier

Vocals and backing vocals: Étienne Lafond / Vince Mercier

Guitars: Étienne Lafond

Bass: Martin Bersier-Carpentier

Drums: Nicolas Martel

Programming: Étienne Lafond / Martin Bersier-Carpentier

Symphonic arrangements: Étienne Lafond / Martin Bersier-Carpentier

Sound effects and percussions: Étienne Lafond / Martin Bersier-Carpentier / Nicolas Martel

Produced and engineered by: Étienne Lafond / Martin Bersier-Carpentier

Cover concept and computer imaging by: Martin Bersier-Carpentier

Music sheets: Étienne Lafond / Martin Bersier-Carpentier / Nicolas Martel


Website: www.withoutfate.wixsite.com/withoutfate

Facebook: www.facebook.com/withoutfatemusic

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC-T4RZC6RgCymKXEsCfOK9Q/

Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/withoutfate

E-mail: withoutfatemusic@gmail.com


Vince would like to thank:

God. Vince would like to thank God, the only one he judges being his equal. Lesser beings like his band mates do not really matter. He wouldn't be thankful at all but he's got to fill this blank slate so he will speak as a third person and thank only God...for creating himself of course. Oh yeah! And his own skull for not rupturing under the expansion of his head!

Étienne would like to thank:

Sandy, my wife, and all my children for being supportive of this project. Vince Mercier for always believing in the project and taking everything I threw at him! Martin Bersier-Carpentier for keeping his spirit while I was criticising every mix he gave me! Nicolas Martel for joining in and giving his nice pieces of drumming! Rémi Ouellette for his technical support and Jérôme Parent for allowing us to practice at his place! Finally, Michel Stiakakis for his pearls of wisdom on the music industry and his feedback on the album.

All the selected people who did the first listening of the album, because their opinion mean something to me: Robert Dansereau, Érik Flynn, Paul Gaudet, Jean-François Laferté, Jean-François Quessy, Jocelyn Lafond, Rémi Ouellet, Carla Ricardo, Martinho Torres and Daniel Vachon.

Thanks to everybody else who believed I could do it someday!

Martin would like to thank:

The members of the band for their time and efforts spent in the making of the album, Andrea Savard for the freedom of doing his music and friends and family for their support!

Nicolas would like to thank:

My family and my roommates who endured the drum practices for many years before turning it into an album. Special thanks to my father who supported me when I purchased my first drum kit and my godfather for transmitting to me music in my blood! Martin who is the musician with whom I mostly grown since I started drumming. Étienne and Vince for recruiting me in the band. Jerome Parent who give us the chance to practice in his home. Finally, thanks to all of you who believe in our project. We need you to continue growing in numbers!

A SPECIAL THANKS TO: Érik Flynn from RadioQuebec.biz who gives us the chance to be heard all over the world in the great metal family!

*Without Fate members use exclusively their own material! No sponsors!

In memory of my friends Cristian Langevin (46), who left us before playing some keyboards on the album and Céline Bellemare (30), who simply loved life and music. Both of you will be dearly missed and yes, they left us too soon.

©2016 Without Fate



all rights reserved


Without Fate Montreal, Québec

Without Fate is kicking in your door to take you out into their prog metal journey !

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Track Name: Revolution Calling

The life you choose of living
Can only bring suffering
Crucial decision you make
Result in a life you take

The masquerade you are playing
Equals all the lies you are telling
On our domain you will try to bargain
What’s rightfully ours

The anger grows slowly
Power to the people

Revolution calling
Come faithful
Out on the streets
Call for justice

We’re not afraid to die
You’re going down with us
All you say is just a lie
Never to regain our trust

Revolution calling

I’ve got no love for politicians
And their speech for the nation
Democracy, hypocrisy are the same
Actions in God’s name

If you watch television
You’ll see crazy things going on
Conflicts on the rights of religion
As well as crimes of derision

The anger grows slowly
Power to the people

Revolution calling
Come faithful
Out on the streets
Call for justice

(Chorus) X2
Track Name: Lies

Spreading lies through good intention
Destroying lives with one decision
Tragedies could have been avoided
Apologies are not what’s needed

The system has failed…
We are all pawns in their game…

We’re all equal in the face of Justice
But we don’t come to Justice as equals
Defending our rights is a prejudice
When we can’t have fair trials

We’re all slaves of the hour
And our soul is not even our
The system is eating us alive
The machine is greater than a hive

Lies, surrounded by the lies
Only getting more…
Lies, crumbling under the lies
Dying under

They always ask to play our part
But our pockets they tear apart
Never involved in the process
About us, they couldn’t care less

Rise against the system…
No more pawns’ of their foolish game…

The watchful eye is right upon you
Even in the comfort of your own home
Archiving everything that you do
Wherever you may roam

Not even ashamed of what they’ve done wrong
So hypnotised by their forked tongue
Not even hiding under the spotlight
So why don’t we stand up and fight

Track Name: Rise Of Rebellion

Poor peasants assemble
Gather what you have
Give it up for freedom
Our lands are at stake

The war machines are hungry
Feed them with your sweat
The elite know what’s best

Towers will fall
And crowns will roll
A day will arrive
Where the air will be filled
With red mist of redemption

Take ‘em
Strike ‘em
Beat ‘em
Bleed ‘em

The sound of silence came back to appease us
We firmly take hold of our power
The tide has finally turn

Spread out across the nations
Peace is wearing thin
The Kingdom is on edge

Let them bear the burden
They will not complain
The laws of silence rule

Empires smitten to the ground
And kings will kneel
The day has arrived
And the streets will be filled
With swift fists of rebellion

Take em
Strike ‘em
Beat ‘em
Bleed ‘em


They took our pride
They stole our lives
Don’t stand on our path
Or you will feel our wrath

Track Name: In Via Veritatem
(In Search of Truth)


- Shock! -
It can’t be real
How can I feel?
It’s just surreal

- Disbelief -
You’re telling lies
You want my demise
Your name I despise

- Overwhelming –
It doesn’t make sense
It’s way too intense
There’s no common-sense

Denial, refuting the facts
We see through your acts
Denial, trying to be strong
We can’t say you’re wrong

- Meaningless –
My world is crumbling
My mind is mumbling
The walls are tumbling

- Grief –
There is too much pain
I’m tied with this chain
Am I living in vain?

- Numbness –
Can I bear the weight?
Can I live in that state?
Am I losing faith?


- Reality –
Questions arise
Is it really wise?
To let go the cries

(Chorus) X2


You were lost and I found you
You were without a path
And I gave you one

Others are living in fear
Gave you the anchor,
The frame you needed

I was the bridge connecting you to the world
I gave you something to hold on to when all was lost

I am an endless tide of pure emotion
With me, you had no limits

It was my way to let go the pressure
I was your only friend that remained
When all the others couldn’t understand

I was the reason
You went through a day
I was the one who made you feel alive
When all else failed

I justified your every moves
The more they saw me,
The more they understood how you loved

I gave you back everything
You owe me
And you belong to me

How dare you let me go!


What if it could be different?
If only I had the chance
It seems so incoherent
Can I change the circumstance?

What if I could do something?
If only I could have been there
I would have done anything
You don’t know how much I care

Negotiating with what can be dealt with
Bargaining with the Lord of Heaven
Or dealing with the forces of Hell
Trading anything to avoid the pain

What if I could change my way
If only you could understand
Please don’t let it go away
Listen to what I demand

What if I gave you my word?
If only I could have the time
Will all my prayers be heard?
Tell me what was my crime?


Negotiating, bargaining, dealing, trading (x4)


The loss is slowly setting in
Emptiness is your surroundings
Leaving space outside and within
Sadness is now the center of things

Daily carrying the burden
Mourning the past in the present
The future seems quite uncertain
You crumble under life’s torment

Why is there a need to go on?
Is there a point to carry on?
Grief takes its toll on everyone
But someday it will all be gone

The time has finally come
To give in and to feel the pain
Now we must see the outcome
To find out what will remain

Willingly face all your fears
You now stop running away
Accepting the grief and the tears
Finding the truth your own way



You will never be all right
And you will never lose sight
Of these tragic events
That don’t make any sense

Accept the new reality
Accept this whole tragedy
Learn to live with it
But please don’t quit

The past won’t hold together
The present is coming after
Accepting all these changes
Building whole new bridges

Life is getting back to normal
It’s far from a betrayal
Everything is starting anew
You must now continue


It’s time to
Listen to your needs
To move forward
To change
To grow
To evolve
To reach out to others

(Chorus) X2

Now is the moment to start living again
But not until you have given grief its time
Little by little
Track Name: We are Blind

We are here on our own
Nothing of what they’ve shown
Today’s worse than the last
Lies are growing so fast

Their master plan is doing fine
Won’t leave any of our kind
Another sheep to sacrifice
In the name of every vice

We are mere offerings to their mighty Gods
Enslaving the minds of their own kind
Conspiracy of silence, controlled by their words
Our lips are closely sealed and we are blind

On screen image selling lust
To eyes too young, to stop it must
On screen words selling faith
But we now know that it’s too late

Millions’ faith ordered by few
Won’t tolerate a different view
Oppress the poor and majority
Laws control but set them free

(Chorus) X2