In Via Veritatem

from by Without Fate

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(In Search of Truth)


- Shock! -
It can’t be real
How can I feel?
It’s just surreal

- Disbelief -
You’re telling lies
You want my demise
Your name I despise

- Overwhelming –
It doesn’t make sense
It’s way too intense
There’s no common-sense

Denial, refuting the facts
We see through your acts
Denial, trying to be strong
We can’t say you’re wrong

- Meaningless –
My world is crumbling
My mind is mumbling
The walls are tumbling

- Grief –
There is too much pain
I’m tied with this chain
Am I living in vain?

- Numbness –
Can I bear the weight?
Can I live in that state?
Am I losing faith?


- Reality –
Questions arise
Is it really wise?
To let go the cries

(Chorus) X2


You were lost and I found you
You were without a path
And I gave you one

Others are living in fear
Gave you the anchor,
The frame you needed

I was the bridge connecting you to the world
I gave you something to hold on to when all was lost

I am an endless tide of pure emotion
With me, you had no limits

It was my way to let go the pressure
I was your only friend that remained
When all the others couldn’t understand

I was the reason
You went through a day
I was the one who made you feel alive
When all else failed

I justified your every moves
The more they saw me,
The more they understood how you loved

I gave you back everything
You owe me
And you belong to me

How dare you let me go!


What if it could be different?
If only I had the chance
It seems so incoherent
Can I change the circumstance?

What if I could do something?
If only I could have been there
I would have done anything
You don’t know how much I care

Negotiating with what can be dealt with
Bargaining with the Lord of Heaven
Or dealing with the forces of Hell
Trading anything to avoid the pain

What if I could change my way
If only you could understand
Please don’t let it go away
Listen to what I demand

What if I gave you my word?
If only I could have the time
Will all my prayers be heard?
Tell me what was my crime?


Negotiating, bargaining, dealing, trading (x4)


The loss is slowly setting in
Emptiness is your surroundings
Leaving space outside and within
Sadness is now the center of things

Daily carrying the burden
Mourning the past in the present
The future seems quite uncertain
You crumble under life’s torment

Why is there a need to go on?
Is there a point to carry on?
Grief takes its toll on everyone
But someday it will all be gone

The time has finally come
To give in and to feel the pain
Now we must see the outcome
To find out what will remain

Willingly face all your fears
You now stop running away
Accepting the grief and the tears
Finding the truth your own way



You will never be all right
And you will never lose sight
Of these tragic events
That don’t make any sense

Accept the new reality
Accept this whole tragedy
Learn to live with it
But please don’t quit

The past won’t hold together
The present is coming after
Accepting all these changes
Building whole new bridges

Life is getting back to normal
It’s far from a betrayal
Everything is starting anew
You must now continue


It’s time to
Listen to your needs
To move forward
To change
To grow
To evolve
To reach out to others

(Chorus) X2

Now is the moment to start living again
But not until you have given grief its time
Little by little


from Without Fate, released September 6, 2016
Words: Étienne Lafond
Music: Without Fate



all rights reserved


Without Fate Montreal, Québec

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